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The present research is concerned with the vital problem of system simulation for social and economic management in local government authorities. The problem is rather important as the level of social and economical development depends on quality and management efficiency of administrations of municipal level. And functional modeling and simulation models support officials in making optimal managerial decisions within organization.

Certainly, data processing in governmental organizations is computerized. Practically each executing officer has computer workstation, but nevertheless the problem is that integrated workflow and paperwork system does not exist. Such system can help to facilitate performance of routine operations and decision-making process.
Current necessity for upgrading information management systems in local government authorities is related to build-up of information flows and legislation, regulatory framework in this sphere.

Methods of management analysis on municipal level vary widely as they involve both theoretical and practical aspects. It is suggested to use indexing system - economic, social, ecological, and policy indexes - in order to reach better economic climate and living standards. Municipal and regional development programs are formed by top-managers. These programs are performed by executing officers according with their position obligations. Particular divisions and departments of organizational structure are responsible for specific functional areas of local government authorities and parameters in the indexing system.

Organization is a complex system involving many business processes. Generally three management levels are recognized - hierarchy of management activity: strategic level, tactical level, and operating level. Administrative pyramid indicates scope of authority, responsibility of an official and dynamics of decision-making.
The primary objective of management within local government authorities lies in positive influence on indexing system of development.

Also it is necessary to say about simulation techniques for business processes in administrations of all levels. First of all line and staff organization and staff list are researched. Functional modeling methodology is used to improve coordination of organization activities. The methodology involves analysis of the organization's information channels and business processes. It helps to define weaknesses and doubling of functions, etc.

The business processes model could be plotted using different methodologies:
-    functional modeling (IDEF0, IDEF3, DFD diagrams);
-    object-oriented programming (UML - Unified Modeling Language);
-    structured modeling (block diagrams).

Functional modeling is implemented by CASE-technologies.
Using of modern functional modeling in combination with CASE-technology - BPWin - is an optimal variant for analysis of business processes in organization.
Utilization of functional modeling results in engineering or just reengineering of business processes. Engineering or reengineering processes are necessary for obtaining competitive advantages and improvement of quality of organization activities.

It is very difficult to estimate management efficiency, as there are practically no criteria for evaluation of functioning of government bodies. So, international practice includes a number of criteria types for management efficiency: Impact index, Outcome index, Output index, Process index, Input index.

Nowadays we can't rely only upon intuition and experience of an official. Business Intelligence is used for taking optimal managerial decisions. Business Intelligence processes primary information of organization and than generalize, aggregate data, find cause-and-effect relations, forecast development, find associative sequences with the help of Data Mining, fuzzy logic, genetically algorithms, neural networks.
In modern turbulent environment Business Intelligence allows local government authorities to coordinate administration activities in a better way and to take optimal decisions allowing to gain competitive advantages in future.

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Modern archaeological evidence indicates that Ukrainians are original inhabitants of this land, their forefathers lived on this territory from the third or fourth millennia B. C.

The Ukrainians are mainly descended from those imported as Slavs. Over a thousand years ago Slavic tribes — Polyans, Drcvlyans, Siverians, Dubibs, White Croats, Tyversti and Ulyches — made their appearance on the historical arena. One of the most powerful states of medieval Europe — Kyivan Rus — was founded. Since that time Ukrainian people made their long way to independence.

It was a gradual process that took thousand years. Nowadays the Ukrainians are actively seeking to re-establish their own roots and cultural identity. According to the Constitution of Ukraine the state language in Ukraine is Ukrainian. But there is no one Ukrainian language common to all people in this country. The national minorities have right to speak their own languages.

The most wide-spread among them still remains Russian. It is the mother tongue for more than 30 % (per cent) of the population of Ukraine. The reason for this dates from the times when Ukraine was one of the 15 republics of the Soviet Union and Russian was the official language for it.
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I have always wondered how people build such large blogrolls. Some of the blogs eventually are being closed and updating blogroll could take a lot of free time.

I don't have a blogroll yet but I would like to list at least some of my favorite blogs but I don't know if they are worth creating. I love blogging and think that it would be better to spend my time on writing posts instead of taking care of my blog posts.

Well, this blog post doesn't have a lot of information just my thoughts. Sorry for wasting your time, I just had to write it.
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The Ukrainian Flag consists of two horizontal fields: blue and yellow. They seem to remind that there are two very important things for people: the peaceful blue sky and stands of yellow ripened wheat, as the symbol of welfare of our nation. The combination of the blue and yellow colours dates back to pre-Christian times.

They predominated on the flags of the Kyivan Rus and were prominent during the Cossack age.

The national emblem of Ukraine is a gold trident on an azure background. In ancient times it was the dynastic coat of arms of the Kyivan princes. It is derived from three spears of the sea god, Poseidon, put since Christianity it has symbolized the Holy Trinity.
With the blue-and-yellow flag for many years the trident symbolized the aspirations of the Ukrainian people for freedom and independence.

In 1992 after the restoration of Ukrainian independence, the Supreme Council of Ukraine accepted the trident as the main element of the official emblem of our state. It was proved once more by the Constitution of Ukraine, adopted in 1996. So nowadays the trident is the essential part of the Little State Emblem (the Sign of Volodymyr State), which is the main element of the Big State Emblem.

The plant-symbol. The symbol of "Kalyna" is associated with rebirth, the Universe, the fiery trinity of the Sun, Moon and stars. It takes its name from the old name for the Sun-Kolo. The berries of the kalyna are red and they symbolize blood and immortality.

Other signs of national identity

The following are also associated by Ukrainian people with their nation. Characteristics. Ukrainian mentality was formed influenced by many factors: geographical location at crossroads of West and East, specific climate conditions and complex historical destiny. There is a certain stereotype of the Ukrainians which is well known both in their native land and in other countries. For instance, the Ukrainians are supposed to be great eaters and to eat large amounts of their traditional food: borsch, lard and varenyky. People all over the world usually play jokes on their appetite.

At the same time Ukrainians are well-known for their hospitality. It became a tradition in Ukraine to meet guests with bread and salt and to offer them Ukrainian traditional meals.

Ukrainian people are also renowned for their dancing and singing ability. They really enjoy music and many of them like to perform in choruses and folk dance groups. These characteristics are, of course, not reliable descriptions of individual people. Nevertheless, they indicate some common features in the value attached to certain-kinds of behaviour-in this country.

Clothes. White blouses and shirts with embroidery, chaplets for young girls and ornamented headscarves for women are the elements of Ukrainian national folk costume. Footwear includes red high boots for women and black high boots for men. These costumes are hardly ever worn in every day life but they are well-known signs of Ukrainian identity.

Musical instrument. A stringed instrument called the bandura is regarded as distinctively Ukrainian.
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There are several people that read my blog everyday whose opinion I have come to value greatly. I hope that you know who you are. I've commented at your blogs and I'm a person that wouldn't have bothered to return there if I didn't appreciate what you write. I would like your opinions on this subject. It means a lot to me and it would help me to see some other points of view. Thank you.