on Sunday, October 2, 2011 |
Internet offers us an extreme variety of freebies and useful tools. I use world wide web for shopping, chatting with my friends and earning money with the help of my knowledge.

This year I am getting a degree in linguistics, so I was looking for a way to work online by using my knowledge. I am pretty sure that I will be able to answer the most of the language related questions, so I did some investigation and came up with several websites, where users can make money online by giving advice and answering questions.

I will list only my favorite sites and will point you to a website, which helped me find ways to work online and monetize my knowledge.

HelpOwl.com – superb Question & Answer website, which rewards users for being active. By answering questions and giving advice to other members of this site you could get points and redeem them for money and prizes later on.

Quomon.com is one more interesting website I want to draw your attention too. Quomon is a revenue sharing website, which means you get money depending on the popularity of your answers. Currently sitewide earnings are close to one dollar for every thousand views of your answers.

Mahalo.com allows you to monetize your expertise in the matter of hours. By becoming a contributor to Mahalo.com you will be supplied with an ability to write content (articles, how-to guides, reviews, answers to questions) and get paid for doing so. Top contributors make a full time income by writing for Mahalo.com.

Additional sites, which pay money for answering questions are here. Visit this link if you are interested in such earning opportunity. Thanks for your attention, hopefully this article was useful to you.